Scientific Program 2018 Angle East Annual Meeting

January 4, 2018

President’s message, Angle East 2018 Scientific Meeting *



Schedule of events *

Note that the schedule may be subjected to last minute change *

March 10, 2018 *

8:00     Georgios Kanavakis:  Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? A quantitative approach to facial analysis

8:30     Critique:  Joseph Bouserhal

8:40     General Discussion

8:50     Normand Boucher:  An assessment of maxillary transverse deficiency as a risk factor for gingival recession

9:20     Critique:  Frank Cordray

9:30     General Discussion

9:40     Pearl:  Antonino Secchi, Pearl:  Closing extraction spaces with control and efficiency

9:55     General Discussion

10:00   Fawzi Al Qatami: Efficacy of post-surgical nasal stunting in patients with UCLP treated with pre-surgical naso-alveolar molding and primary lip-nasal surgery

10:30   Critique:  Carla Evans

10:40   General Discussion

10:50   John Voudouris:  Condylar, temporal and maxillary bone modifications following continuous, progressive functional mandibular protrusion in Herbst and Forsus treatments for severe Class II dysplasias.

11:20   Critique:  Birte Melsen

11:30   General Discussion

11:40   Joseph Ghoubril:  Photography in Orthodontics: a new approach

12:10   Critique:  David Musich

12:20   General Discussion

12:30   Chun-Hsi Chung:  Comparison of molar buccolingual inclination (curve of Wilson) in children and adults

13:00   Critique:  Olivier Nicola

13:10   General Discussion

13:20   First Business Meeting

14:00   Adjourn

March 11, 2018 *

8:00     Iacopo Cioffi: Masseter oxygenation abnormalities in individuals with frequent wake-time tooth clenching

8:30     Critique:  Margherita Santoro

8:40     General Discussion

8:50     Hugh Phillis: Criteria used by general dentists to determine their referral to an orthodontist

9:20     Critique:  Kolman Apt

9:30     General Discussion

9:40     Turi Bassarelli: Pearl

9:45     General Discussion

9:50     Ramzi Haddad: New modifications of the naso-alveolar molding appliance (NAM) for cleft lip and palate

10:20   Critique:  Peter Greco

10:30   General Discussion

10:40   Sercan Akyalcin:  Evaluation of miniscrew-supported rapid maxillary expansion in adolescents

11:10   Critique:  Peter Ngan

11:20   General Discussion

11:30   Fawzi Al Qatami: Clinical Case Presentation

11:40   General Discussion

11:45   Daniel Tanguay:  Alveolar bone remodeling in Class II patients treated with fixed functional appliances

12:15   Critique: Nayla Bassil-Nassif

12:25   General Discussion

12:35   Phimon Atsawasuwan:  Evaluation of vertical component of mandible using 3D radiographs

13:05   Critique:  Yves Bolender

13:15   General Discussion

13:25   Adjourn

March 12, 2018 *

8:00     Kunihiko Otsubo:  Deep horizontal impaction of the mandibular second molar

8:30     Critique:  Mark Bronsky

8:40     General Discussion

8:50     Elliott Moskowitz:  Ectopic maxillary canines; can anecdotal or evidence-based information guide the clinician in the predictable conservative management of these teeth?

9:20     Critique:  Paul Batastini

9:30     General Discussion

9:40     Sylvain Chamberland:  Idiopathic condylar resorption, a clinical paper

10:10   Critique:  Ute Schneider-Moser

10:20   General Discussion

10:30   Carlaberta Verna:  The impact of Fluorescence-Aided Identification Technique (FIT) on clean up after debonding

11:00   Critique:  Martin Palomo

11:10   General Discussion

11:20   Ambrosina Michelotti: Temporomandibular joint involvement in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: diagnostic validity of DC/TMD clinical examination

11:50   Critique: Carl Roy

12:00   General Discussion

12:10   Mohamed Masoud:  Stability of the eyes as a reference for orthodontic diagnosis

12:40   Critique:  Nick Barone

12:50   General Discussion

13:00   Adjourn

March 13, 2018 *

7:30     Miriam Haisraeli-Shalish: Can polyphenols affect orthodontic biofilms?

8:00     Critique:  Jean-Marc Retrouvey


8:20     David Briss:  Morphometric approach to facial growth prediction

8:50     Critique:  Anthony Macari


9:10     Takashi Yamashiro:  3D evaluation of the craniofacial morphology of orthodontic patients

9:40     Critique:  Bill Cole


10:00   Carroll-Ann Trotman:  Measuring the determinants of facial disability: Shape and Symmetry

10:30   Critique:  Mauro Cozzani


10:50   Joseph Ghafari:  The boundaries of tooth movement: Bone and company

11:20   Critique:  Kazuhito Arai


11:40   Second Business Meeting

12:15   Meeting Adjourned